Group Brand Manager


  • The Group Brand Manager Slimming (GBM) is responsible for identifying and coordinating the marketing and assortment policy of slimming portfolio for the Benelux. Further he/she is responsible for determining the strategy and tactical management of the range of policies, the development of a long-term category of long-term vision and coordination of all slimming brands.
  • He/She is responsible for coordination of the brand management of Modifast and Gerlinea, in close cooperation with the Product Manager Slimming (PM) and Marketing Assistant Slimming, who are reporting to him/her. He/She is responsible for brand management of the brand Weight Care. The Brand Group Manager works closely together with other departments such as Sales, Logistics, Quality in the Benelux as also within the Group.



  • Brand management
    • Define and implement total brand plan (goals, strategy. actions) for all slimming brands, for Modifast and Gerlinea in cooperation with the PM.
    • Long-term brand positioning of all brands slimming, for Modifast and Gerlinea in cooperation with the PM.
    • Formulating marketing and slimming range targets for all slimming brands.
    • Brand manager activities for Weight Care and coordinating brand manager activities for Gerlinea and Modifast.
    • Formulating and aligning communication objectives between all slimming brands.
    • Closely involved (Modifast/ Gerlinea) in or initiating (Weight Care) new campaign development.


  • Category management
    • Category management (range choices per channel / per retailer)
    • Category vision Slimming long term and the position of N&S slimming brands
    • Cross-media planning by country, in cooperation with PM
    • Cross-promotion planning (in collaboration sales and PM) by country


  • Monitor and activate market
    • Be alert to trends and competitive activities
    • Analyze market and (initiation or) execution market research


  • NPD
    • Setting NPD slimming priorities
    • Initiation and support project proposals to counter market developments/ opportunities
    • Preparing business reviews slimming
    • (Initiation) New brand concepts / choices among which brand
    • (Initiation) New distribution options / choices where what brand /product
    • Complete all official N&S documents and follow all N&S procedures as requested in any situation (LPA / PQC / FDD / FPE / FPL /…)


  • Empowerment of slimming team (members)
    • Create ownership and develop team to the ‘slimming authority’ on all levels ‘knowing the business’, actively stimulating and developing slimming category in/ouside company, supervising and watching over the interests of slimming and taking action, if needed)
    • Actively support team member growth (coaching team members, discuss performance, identifying training needed, complete reviews, stimulate and discuss positive morale and team spirit, actively work to increase personal skills and knwoledge.
    • Empower slimming team, taking leadership and actively stimulate growth team members. Create ownership in the team at all levels.


  • Contacts
    • Contact management and facility management information
    • Contact France for international cooperation in promoting slimming


  • Budgets
    • Monitor A&P budget
    • Monitoring P&L objectives of slimming brands
    • Respect and follow all official procedures and documents, requested per situation


  • Legislation
    • Respect, adapt and use opportunities of (new) legislation for all slimming brands, for NPL’s, marketing campaigns and communication.


  • Reports to: Marketing Director Benelux
  • Budget ownership: total slimming brands Benelux
  • Countries: Benelux
  • Works closely with Marketing Director Benelux, PM and Slimming assistant.
  • Direct reports : PM and Slimming Assitant


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