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Does supporting science activities related to research on probiotics, microbiota and gut health sound like a good challenge for you? Do you feel you can bridge the gap between Science and Marketing communications? Do you also feel that findings in research should reach the consumers in a comprehensive way? And do you want to contribute to the company’s evolution in health science, ensuring its leading position in an arena where health communication is evolving quickly? Then we would like to get in touch with you!


The facts

Already 85 years ago, (long before purpose was ‘hip’) Yakult defined it’s mission as ‘contributing to the health and happiness of people around the world. The way Yakult fulfills this mission adapts through time, always aiming to match consumer-, and market dynamics, based on thorough scientific substantiation.

For instance: at the Yakult Central Institute in Tokyo, Japan, and the Yakult Honsha European Research Centre in Ghent, Belgium, 250 people continuously contribute to research on micro-organisms and gut health – collaborating with hundreds of independent researchers worldwide. Over decades, the Yakult Central Institute published many high-impact academic findings . They are true pioneers in probiotic research.

To improve the health of consumers worldwide, the scientists and marketeers work closely together. At Yakult, the Science departments in different countries in Europe take care of selecting and interpreting useful knowledge, gained through research, with the purpose to build reliable and credible scientific substantiation. Marketing takes care of reaching out to the consumers with these messages. From the European headquarters, based in Almere, The Netherlands, you can add value to the local market teams, offering guidance on relevant scientific research and help build networks for research and education.

Your challenge

You will become a key figure in the screening, selecting and processing of relevant scientific information. You look at research from two perspectives: What about the latest science is most relevant and, who would be interested?

You play a central role in coordinating and directing activities in cooperation with Science and Marketing colleagues in the Netherlands and in different European countries. You will assist in creating new strategies in science communication and actively lead the execution of the resulting projects. In this position you will report directly to the Science Director Europe

Examples of tasks and activities

Research: Follow up ongoing-, and help design future clinical studies with the Yakult product in Europe. Report on research progress, both internally as well as externally, including the writing-up of scientific articles. Participate at scientific meetings and extend the science network of Yakult in Europe.

Literature survey: Maintain and grow an effective literature database and make sure its contents reach the European Science departments, for further distribution to health care professionals and other interested stakeholders.

Communication: Initiate and/or assist in projects that aim at interacting with the scientific community, acting as the gatekeeper of the scientific quality of all communications, with the purpose to contribute to the company’s evolution in health science communication and ensure its leading position in an arena where health communication is evolving quickly, is strictly regulated and is geographically diverse.

Who are you?

You are passionate about science and microbiota science in particular. You are an excellent team player, able to link Science, Marketing, PR & Corporate Communications departments.


  • Level of education: PhD (or equivalent by experience) in nutrition, microbiology, biotechnology or a (para)medical field.
  • 5-15 year relevant work experience.
  • Experience with microbiota – related research; preferably including clinical trials management.
  • Excellent team player, linking the Science, Marketing and PR & Corporate Communication departments.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills; ability to represent the company externally and to collaborate with colleagues across departments.
  • Good at planning and strict in project execution.
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and data content management systems.
  • Eagerness to learn about legal possibilities on the communication on probiotics and health..
  • Ability to understand and apply biological and health information in a company context.
  • Ability to critically evaluate and review scientific studies.
  • Language: Fluent in English (a must!), Dutch and preferably another European language

What does Yakult Europe offer you?

You will become part of a company that has been on a mission to make society healthier for 85 years. Your international probiotic science team is ambitious and committed to achieving this mission. There are career opportunities, both in the European team and in the operational companies in different European countries. Yakult offers you a full-time position (32 hours is negotiable) with a competitive salary and attractive secondary benefits. In addition, there is plenty of room for personal development. Yakult Europe in Almere is easily accessible by public transport.

About Yakult Europe

In 1935, the founder discovered the now world-famous L. casei Shirota bacteria. 40 million people in 40 countries now drink the unique dairy drink daily. Yakult’s mission to contribute to good health all over the world is only getting bigger. Science has always been at the heart of the Yakult company. We already mentioned Did you know that about 250 enthusiastic people work at the Yakult Central Institute in Japan and the Yakult European Research Centre in Ghent.? They are engaged in research and innovation every day. But also consider that more than 500 studies on the role and properties of the LcS bacterium have now been published in renowned scientific journals.

Yakult Europe B.V. in Almere, has been the production location and European headquarters of the Yakult Group since 1994 and is a subsidiary of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd., located in Tokyo, Japan.

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