Nutrition & Santé

Our manufacturer expertise
Pride in our factories
We are proud of our manufacturing facilities and the fact that we have developed unique know-how in our field, built on our own industrial assets.

Being a manufacturer means we control our products from start to finish: the development of recipes by our Research and Development teams supported by nutritionists and dieticians, the supply of selected raw materials, the manufacturing process, supported by a technological expertise in different areas of know-how (biscuit-making, dairy products, prepared meals, etc.), the implementation of different controls right through to the storage and shipping from our different warehouses.
For the last 40 years, this expertise has enabled us to guarantee a constant quality level and traceability throughout the production cycle.
Know-how and productivity
As a manufacturer committed to quality and social responsibility, we constantly invest in training and equipment to develop our expertise and to remain at the cutting-edge of technology. Our industrial strategy aims to increase the volumes manufactured in our factories by drawing on innovation, the development of our production capacities and the in-house manufacturing of certain products that were previously sub-contracted.
Growth of the business is the best guarantee for employment in the mainly agricultural regions where Nutrition & Santé is based. These jobs continue to evolve to increase productivity and reduce the monotony of tasks.

The specialization of each production unit reinforces our know-how in the area of expertise associated with each specific process : biscuits and bars, powder mixes, prepared-foods, vegetable juices, etc.